Competition Format

Overview of Competition

They are short and easy to understand, but challenging and fun to solve!

The Beaver Competition is an online, individual, multiple choice or interactive test competition made of a set of short tasks.

The competition will be held on 23rd June 2021 at all registered schools, and to be administered by an assigned teacher.

As this is an online competition, participants may be divided into batches if there are not enough computers.

Beaver tasks are designed to require no prior knowledge to understand or solve but are based on informatics concepts. Programming is not required. The skills needed are only basic math and problem solving.


Each registered participant will be given a username and a password to login to the contest system via the Internet during the competition. There are 15 questions (with 3 levels of difficulties and 5 questions for each level) to be answered in 45 minutes. Beaver tasks are all related to the knowledge and skills required to better understand the basics of computer science:



Scoring method is as shown in table below.

A (easy)+6-20
B (medium)+9-3 0
C (difficult)+12-40


Participants can access the Beaver Computational Thinking test on Wednesday, 23rd June 2021.


Two language versions are available for the Beaver Computational Thinking: English and Bahasa Malaysia.

However, students can only access one language version at a time.




Schools can register their students at the registration page.

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