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What Are Beaver Computational
Thinking Competition?

The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is an online competition that introduces computer science concepts and logical problem solving to students. The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is a part of the international Bebras effort.


The first Bebras competition was organised in Lithuania in 2004 and the word ‘Bebras’ means beaver in Lithuanian. Beaver is selected as the mascot due to its industriousness and natural engineering capabilities. Bebras aims to promote interest in Information Technology, Informatics, and Computational Thinking to teachers and pupils of all ages, as well as to the public at large.

Who Is This For?

The Beaver Competition is an online, individual, multiple choice or interactive test competition made of a set of short tasks. Beaver tasks are based on informatics concepts. Programming is not required. No prior background in computer science is needed.


The skills needed are only basic math and problem solving. They are short and easy to understand, but are challenging and fun to solve!

Public : Year 1 & 2

International : Year 1 & 2

Public : Year 3 & 4

International : Year 3 & 4

Public : Year 5 & 6

International : Year 5 & 6

Public : Form 1 & 2

International : Year 7 & 8

Public : Form 3 & 4

International : Year 9 & 10

Public : Form 5 & 6

International : Year 11 & 12

Develop Student Creativity

Cultivate students’ creativity, information culture, algorithmic and computational thinking.

Understanding of Information Technology

Facilitate a deeper understanding of information technology.

Problem Solving
For Students

Help students solve problems through computational thinking using computer based solutions.

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