Competition Procedure

Important Dates

1st January 2019

Registration opens

23rd March 2019

Deadline Registration

10th April 2019

Receive Manual

16th & 17th April 2019

Contest period

Mid of May 2019

Result Announcement

27th July 2019

Award ceremony

Competition Week

1. Register Online

– A school teacher (or representative) must fill up the online registration form at https://beaver.my/login

– During registration, teachers have to only submit the number of participants for each category. The students’ names do not need to be submitted.

2. Make Payment

– Once registration is made by the school, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the teacher’s email address.

– Payments can be made via offline.

– Offline: Cheque, PO, MO, EFT, Bank Deposits, or LO.

– For offline payments, please post the payment to our address. Except for cheque, you may bank in the cheque(s) and email us the bank in slip.

– For bank transfers, please email the deposit slip, school name & teacher’s contact details to hello@beaver.my

3. Receive Instructions & Passwords

– A Contest Manual will be emailed to the teacher a few days before the competition.

– A list of usernames and passwords will also be emailed.

4. Conduct Competition at School

– The school can conduct the competition at any time within the competition period (36 hours, from 10AM 16 April 2019 until 10PM 17 April 2019).

– The teacher will pass the username and password for the students to log into the online contest system.

– The student can choose to login to either the English or Malay version. Upon logging in, the student will be prompted to fill in their details
(name, class, etc).

– Once the students start, they have 45 minutes to answer 15 questions.

– If the school does not have enough computers to cater to all participants, the contest can be done in batches, as long as it is within the competition period.

5. Receive Results, Certificates, and Medals

– The competition results will be sent to the school.

– Students with the best results (top 10% in each category) will receive Certificates and Medals (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

– All other students will receive a Certificate of Participation each.