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Date Description
1st January 2018 Registration opens
23rd March 2018 Registration deadline
13th April 2018 Teachers receive Contest Manual and Passwords forA�participants through email
17th & 18th April 2018 Contest period
Mid of May 2018 Announcement of results
21st July 2018 Award ceremony
To be announced Issuance of certificates



1. Register Online
– A school teacher (or representative) must fill up the online registrationA�form at
– During registration, teachers have to only submit the number ofA�participants for each category. The students’ names do not need to be

2. Make Payment
– Once registration is made by the school, an invoice is automaticallyA�generated and sent to the teacherA?s email address.
– Payments can be made via online or offline.
– Online: Visa or FPX.
– Offline: Cheque, PO, MO, EFT, Bank Deposits, or LO.
– For offline payments, please post the payment to our address. Except for cheque, you may bank in the cheque(s) and email us the bank in slip.
– For bank transfers, please email the deposit slip, school name, &A�teacherA?s contact details to


3. Receive Instructions & Passwords
– A Contest Manual will be emailed to the teacher a few days before theA�competition.
– A list of usernames and passwords will also be emailed.

4. Conduct Competition at School
– The school can conduct the competition at any time within the competitionA�period (36 hours, from 10AM 17 April 2018 until 10PM 18 April 2018).
– The teacher will pass the username and password for the students to logA�into the online contest system.
– The student can choose to login to either the English or Malay version.A�Upon logging in, the student will be prompted to fill in their details
(name, class, etc).
– Once the students start, they have 45 minutes to answer 15 questions.
– If the school does not have enough computers to cater to all participants,A�the contest can be done in batches, as long as it is within the competitionA�period.


5. Receive Results, Certificates, and Medals
– The competition results will be sent to the school.
– Students with the best results (top 10% in each category) will receiveA�Certificates and Medals (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).
– All other students will receive a Certificate of Participation each.
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