Competition Procedure

Important Dates

1st January 2020

Registration opens

3 September 2020

Deadline Registration

3 September 2020

Download Contest Slip

9 & 10 September 2020

Competition Days

13 October 2020

Result Announcement

Competition Week

1. Register Online

– A school teacher (or representative) must register account at https://contesthub.my

– During registration, teachers need to fill the form according to their school and person in charge information 

2. Make Payment

– Once registration is made and contestant has been added  by the school, an invoice is automatically generated.

– Payments can be made via online or manual payment.

– Online: Payment using ContestHub payment gateway. Instant approval by system.

– Manual Payment: Cheque, Money Order, Postal Order, CDM/Bank-in, Pesanan Sekolah/Kerajaan.

– For manual payments, please upload proof of payment when doing the payment at ContestHub

3. Receive Contest Slips & Login Details

– The teacher (for school participants) and parents (for individual participants) have to log in to their account at www.contesthub.my on 3 September 2020 and download the unique Contest Slip (PDF) for each student.

– The Contest Slip contains instructions for participants, personal information, username, and password.

4. Conduct Competition

– The school can conduct the competition at any time within the competition period (36 hours, from 10.00 AM 9 September 2020 until 10.00 PM 10 September 2020).

– The teacher will distribute the Contest Slips to the participants individually by using the best method (WhatsApp or email).

– The student can choose to login to either the English or Malay version. Upon logging in, the student will be prompted to fill in their details (name, class, etc).

– Once the students start, they have 45 minutes to answer 15 questions.

– If the competition will be held at school and the school does not have enough computers to cater to all participants, the contest can be done in batches, as long as it is within the competition period.

– The students (both school and individual participants) can also safely access and take part at home with supervision from the teacher-in-charge or parents.

– The teacher-in-charge and parents have to make sure that the competition is conducted with honesty and utmost integrity.

5. Receive Results and Certificates

– The competition results will be sent to school.

– Students with the best results (top 10% in each category) will receive Award Certificates (Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award).

– All other students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

– All students will receive will receive a free 1 month Premium subscription to Pandai, a leading learning app for students.