How do I register?
A school teacher (or representative) must fill up the online registration form at If you are a student or a parent, please contact your school.
How many participants can take part from each school?
A school can register as many participants as possible.
How can payments be made?
After registration, payments can be made via online or offline.

  • Online: Visa or FPX.
  • Offline: Cheque, PO, MO, EFT, Bank Deposits, or LO.

For offline payments, please post the payment to our address.
For bank transfers, please email the deposit slip, school name, & teacher’s contact details to


How many times can a participant take part?
A participant can partake in the contest only once, at any time during the contest period.
What is the difference between the languages (English & Bahasa) version? Can a participant switch languages during the contest?
Both languages have the same set of questions. A participant can only select a language before starting the contest. A participant cannot switch between languages during the contest.
What type of computer or browser can I use to answer the contest?
All participants need internet access to take part in the contest. We recommend using Google Chrome browser. If a participant gets disconnected during the contest, it is possible to resume after the internet connection is restored, but the lost time will be counted towards the 45 minutes time limit. Therefore, it helps to ensure a stable connection before starting the contest.
What will happen if a participant starts his/her contest with less than 45 minutes left before the contest period ends?
The contest will end at 10PM, 17th April 2019, even if the 45 minutes are not used up. Therefore we suggest the participants to start early.
What will happen to the timer if I am logged out?
If a participant is logged out for whatever reason (e.g. problem with the Internet, computer, or browser), the timer will still continue to count down. The participant can continue his challenge by logging in using the same username and password, as long as there is still time left on the timer. Participants can end the challenge before the time is up, but will not get extra points for finishing early.
How many times can I answer a particular question?
Participants can change or erase answers as many times before the time is up. Participants can also leave any question unanswered (this is a useful strategy sometimes, as points will be deducted for a wrong answer).
How are the questions ordered?
The questions are arranged in increasing order of difficulty. Participants can answer the questions in any order they like.