The competition is online, to be administered at each participating schools under invigilation from the respective school teachers. Each registered participants will be given a username and password.

Laptop or personal computer is needed to answer the question

Stable internet access is needed during competition

There are 15 questions with 3 level of difficulties that are to be answered in 45 minutes.

It is strongly advisable for all participants to sit for the competition at once. However, the teacher-in-charge may arrange for participants to answer the question in batches should there be any hindrance.

In the online contest system, two language versions are available for participants to choose from; English and Bahasa Melayu. However, each participant can only access one language version at a time, and cannot change version.

The questions are multiple choice and interactive; puzzle-like problem involving basic concepts in mathematics, computer science and problem solving, and does not require any programming. Students can test their logical reasoning too!

The scoring rules are as follows :

A (Easy)
B (Medium)
C (Difficult)
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