• What is the Beaver Computational Thinking Competition?
The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is an online competition that introduces computer science concepts and logical problem solving to students. The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is a part of the international Bebras effort.
  • How to register?
i) School registration Please submit students details (Full Name, Ic No, Age & Fees) to the teacher-in-charge (TIC). 
ii) Individual Registration Parents are responsible for Beaver registration on behalf of their children. Please register through Contest-Hub by clicking this link (https://contesthub.my/register) & complete required registration.

  • How much is the fee?
Early Bird is RM31.50 (for school candidate ONLY until  21st Feb) School Candidate is RM 35.00 Private Candidate is RM 50.00

  • When is the registration date?
Early Bird: 11th January until 21th February 2021 Normal Registration: 22nd February until 9th June 2021 Individual Registration: 10th June until 16th June 2021

  • Who can participate?
Student from age 7 year old until 17 year old 

  • What is the student’s category?
Pre-Ecolier Year 1 & 2 Ecolier Year 3 & Year 4 Benjamin 5 & 6 Cadet Form 1 & 2 Junior Form 3 & 4 Student Form 5,6 & Pre-University

  • How was the exam conducted?
Online exam

  • When is B-Day 2021?
B-day: 23rd June Time: 10:00 am – 10:00pm

  • How about the award?
10% awarded Gold,Silver & Bronze Medalist 40% awarded Honorable Mention 40% awarded Certificate Of Participation All students eligible for PAJSK mark 2021

  • What is the language used?
The question consist 2 different language which is -Bahasa Melayu -English

  • How to do Beaver revision?
Pandai (www.pandai.org) is a mobile app that sends personalized educational contents to school students. Students get daily interactive academic quizzes. Students also get sample papers to prepare for educational competitions.

  • Call us!
For assistance, please contact Miss Surie at 018-3920204 or you may leave a message through whatsapp by click this link ( http://wasap.my/60183920204/beaver2021  ) Or You may follow our Telegram Channel for latest updates (https://t.me/OfficialBeaverMalaysia )