Discover What Happens Inside Your Computer!


Did you ever stop to think about what happens inside your computer when you click the mouse or type on your keyboard? Well, let’s take a small adventure and see. Table of Contents The Click and Its Journey Credit: TED-Ed If we could go inside your mouse, you’d see it’s a simple gadget. It has […]

The ABCs of Binary Code: How Your Computer Reads 1s and 0s

Binary Code

Binary code might seem like a strange language, but it’s the one all computers use. Binary code is made up of only two numbers, 1 and 0. Today, we’re going to learn how this simple code works. Table of Contents Why Binary? Credit: TED-Ed The main reason computers use binary is because it’s super reliable […]

The Secret of Touchscreens: A Simple and Fun Explanation


Have you ever wondered why you can’t use your phone while wearing gloves? Or why, when it’s super cold, people in South Korea sometimes use sausages to use their phones? The secret is in the magic of touchscreens. Today, we’ll find out how they work. From Air Traffic Control to Your Pocket Credit: TED-Ed Touchscreens […]

The Wood Mouse: An Ingenious Invention that Launched a Billion Clicks


In the mid-20th century, computers were still very primitive compared to today’s. The idea of a computer mouse didn’t exist until 1964, when Doug Engelbart invented the first-ever computer mouse. Interestingly, this revolutionary device was made entirely of wood. You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless! Table of Contents What […]

The Most Underrated Invention of All Time: The QWERTY Keyboard


When you type on your computer or phone, have you ever wondered why the letters are arranged the way they are on the keyboard? The QWERTY keyboard was created over a century ago to make typing faster and more efficient. Here’s why: You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless! Table […]

ENIAC: The First Computer Weighed Over 27 Tons


Computers are used in almost every aspect of modern life, including cell phones, laptops, self-driving cars, and household appliances. We now take how little and portable they are for granted, but this wasn’t always the case. The very first computer was a vast, almost 27-ton monster! You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will […]

Google Search: One Query, 1000 Machines


Ever wondered how Google manages to search billions of web pages in just a few seconds? Well, it turns out that a single search query on Google can use the processing power of a whopping 1000 machines! You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless! Google Fellow Jeff Dean spilled the […]

Frontier – The World’s Fastest Computer

Frontier’s supercomputer is currently the world’s fastest supercomputer. This supercomputer can process more than a quintillion calculations per second. This groundbreaking computer can lead to many breakthroughs in medicine, astronomy, and more. You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless! Why is this important? Supercomputers are mighty machines that are used […]

Creeper – The World’s First Computer Virus

Computer viruses have been around for a long time and can be very harmful. But did you know that the world’s first computer virus was created as an experiment in self-duplication? Let’s look at the Creeper virus and how it all started. You May Also Like: 10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless! Self-Replicating […]

10 Computer Facts That Will Leave You Speechless!

Computer Facts

Are you a computer enthusiast or simply curious about the history and technology behind computers? From the first-ever virus to the fastest supercomputer, we have compiled a list of 10 exciting computer facts you may not know! Computer Facts 1 – Creeper, the first Virus In 1971, the first-ever computer virus called “Creeper” was created. […]

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